With over 40 years of history behind the making of Chua Group, we are an expert in producing, distributing and exporting dried fruits and various agricultural products. Here at Chua Group, alongside promoting the existing wholesale line, we are ambitious to create and promote our retail line to the market to further expand our reach to all customer groups through our slogan of: Creating Better Lives
Creating Better Lives
As technology and new trends disrupt the world, we believe that one should not be obliged to choose which to adopt between the old and new but rather learn to coexist with both worlds.With this, we believe in adapting innovation practices and development to connect what we call product & services of the old world (or what the market already has to offer) to the demands of the newer generation.
This movement cannot be made possible should we not have the production capacity of over 20,000 tons of dried longan, 1,200 tons of dried mangoes, 600 tons of roasted sunflower seeds, and 600 tons of other dried fruits products per annum (on average).
Our Product
Longan-Kaempferia Natural Supplement
Polnapa Fruits
Consciously Selected Soft Dried Fruits
Roasted Flavored Sunflower Seeds
Considered as one of the most prominent cash crops from Northern Thailand which is highly demanded by the international market, especially in China and neighboring countries. With the belief that longan resembles the “Eye of the Dragon”, it has stood long throughout history as an important fruit in Chinese culture which has “increasing lifespan” properties.


In addition to the Longan Meat that is demanded by the world market, we went on a pursuit, through our Zero Waste philosophy, to see what we could do with the fruit’s seed, which would be discarded anyways.
Through the help of local research facilities we found that longan seed that has been processed through heat releases Ellagic Acid which is an anti-carcinogenic substance and aids sleep for all ages. With this magical find, we went ahead to develop a product that would seize the value from the leftovers of longans to increase its value which would ultimately benefit the entire local economic ecosystem that plays a part in the longan industry.
With its numerous health benefits in the form of a "tear and drink" sachet, Longanic’s main health properties are in the form of inhibiting cancer cells from growing and alleviating sleeping difficulties.
Longanic also contains antioxidants which boost the body’s immunity, bolsters the nervous system, and reduces memory loss. Another crucial fact is that Longanic is 100% natural with a low sugar index, which means that people with diabetes are able to enjoy the taste of this reinvented longan supplement.
Longan-Kaempferia Natural Supplement has then been created as Chua Group’s first official product.
Thai Fruits
Thai fruits, both in fresh and processed form, has ever since been renowned worldwide for its authentic, tropical, and delicious taste from being cultivated in a region where the land, weather and culture comes together in such harmony. We firmly believe in the potential of Thai fruits and want to push the limits of its capabilities even further. More importantly, we want to give credit to cultivators and farmers who are responsible for such great delicacies, therefore augmenting the “Thai” aspect of the product by promoting it in a way the world recognizes furthermore that the fruits are from Thailand and produced by Thai people. With this, we introduce to you…
Launched in 2021 with a bold statement to promote “Thai fruits by Thai people” to the world stage, Polnapa Soft-Dried Fruits is a brand under Chua Group Co., Ltd that aims to capture audiences in the market that has little to no experience with dried fruits. Alongside with the growing trend in healthy consumption, we believe that tasty need to come hand-in-hand with being healthy. Therefore this, we invest a lot of time and effort in research and development of the texture and taste of every type of our dried fruits product to give you the best possible savoury experience to give a first-impression that will last a lifetime.
Every bite of Polnapa is consciously selected and we are ever more confidence in our taste. Our first line, Polnala Soft-Dried mangoes, was the first product of its line to be launched and has then since received great reception domestically and internationally. In Q1 of 2023, we plan to launch 5 further additions to the product line to give the world a more complete view of what Thailand has to offer.
Roasted sunflower seeds are one of the most famous and sometimes forgotten snack from the Asia region. Many countries in the past has enjoyed eating, and more importantly, sharing roasted sunflower seeds together with friends, family and colleague as they all get together. In many ways, people enjoy the experience of cracking the shell to enjoy the seed inside, which we thought is a great way of eating, culturally, that we want to augment. Therefore the creation of our product: MATSURI まつり, roasted sunflower seeds.
sunflower seeds
Already rich in protein and iron, sunflower seeds is widely adopted by people who enjoy alternatives from meat-based products which makes sunflower seeds a very good choice for vegetarians for protein. Alongside this, according to researches, sunflower seeds contain three times to amount of Vitamin A when compared to those found than soybeans and corn which contributes to the wellness of our skin. All of these amazing properties made us wonder through our imaginations further: How do we promote this even further?
Our answer aligns direct to our mission: Connecting Old World Products to the New World. MATSUR まつり means “festival” in Japanese and our brand aims to bring festivity that we enjoyed in the past back to the table everyday. Things that people enjoyed in the past can be brought back to life for the newer audiences that never has tried the product before through introduction and promotion that aligns with the demand of the newer generation. Through discovering the great benefits of roasted sunflower seeds, we decided to combine the product with rich flavours that are trendy in the world right now, therefore our 6 flavours of MATSUR まつり
Creamy Milk Caramel
A representative of a sweet and fulfilling love through all kinds of relationships.
Emperor Wasabi
A fun and spicy spark to enjoy with friends and loved ones during a good laugh.
King Truffle
Mysterious, royal and luxurious savoury: a great representation of old world and new world combination.
Jing Jai Ginger
“Jing Jai”, or “sincerity” in Thai - A perfect simple flavour to demonstrate honesty.
Himalayan Salt
A representative of the weekend and Friday night with friends through the taste that is perfect with drinks!
Hot Mala
Hot and warming that can be enjoyed throughout every age generation.
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